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About us

At HIT 77, we are committed to making car ownership an enjoyable and fulfilling experience not only for enthusiasts, but for every member of our society that owns a car.


All the staff at HIT 77 have extensive experience in the automotive industry in Japan, one of the largest and most advanced car manufacturing countries in the world. We are continuously keeping up with the latest creative trends.
We would like to share our up to date know-how and creative talent with as many people as we can.


HIT 77 was created with one concept in mind....
To turn your dreams and fantasies into reality.


Corporate Statement:

We endeavour to service the needs of all car owners in our society, by supplying the highest quality parts and accessories.
We believe that by providing our services at a fair and reasonable price, the company can grow and become a stable foundation for further training of our staff, and for investing in more innovative research and development for the future.



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